Social Media

We help businesses to reach their full potential. We do this by providing you with your own social media expert who will look after your social media needs, specifically on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

We've got you covered from scheduling your social media posts and managing your social media accounts to growing your business by bringing in sales and encouraging website clicks!


An average monthly salary for a Social Media Executive is £1,500, so our social media packages provide an affordable solution! Contact us for more information.

Brand Awareness

We will increase your brand awareness by using a large range of methods depending on your desired outcome and your audience.

Monthly Insights & Reporting

Track your progress with our monthly reports. This will provide you with accurate facts and figures.

Increase Sales

Increasing sales for your business by attracting visitors to your website and by creating a plan which is bespoke to your business.


We will network on your behalf, one of the many ways we do this is by replying to messages and comments. 

Improve Engagement

We will improve your engagement on social media by ensuring that we're engaging with your target audience.

Bespoke Content

Our content is bespoke and designed based on your business. This will include graphic design and text.


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